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How do you identify?

What is your marital status?

Do you have children?

How old are they? (Check all that apply)

What is the highest level of education you have completed?

What is your annual household income?

What is your annual household income?

What is your current employment status?

Which of these best describes your job role:

What are your interests & hobbies (done in the last 90 days)?

Do you use social media regularly?

Which social media platforms do you use regularly?

You're doing great. Now just a bit about how you listen to podcasts, and what you think of our sponsors...

How do you listen to podcasts? (Check all that apply)

How often do you skip adverts in podcasts?

Do you listen to podcasts while:

How do you discover new podcasts?

How do you consume podcasts?

If you download a podcast, when do you listen?

Do you listen to non-commercial radio (e.g. BBC, NPR, ABC)?

Do you listen to commercial radio?

Have you shopped online in the past 30 days?

Which of the following have you done after hearing a podcast ad: (check all that apply)

Which of these music services do you use?

Do you pay for a premium (ad-free) music service?

Have you ever paid for any additional podcast content?

Would you consider paying for additional podcast content in the future?

Do you pay for any subscription services?

How often have you travelled in the last 12 months (domestic)?

How often have you travelled in the last 12 months (foreign)?

Do you listen to Audiobooks?

Have you started or do you currently run your own business?

Are you a business decision maker?

This could include executive decisions, software purchasing, office management etc
That's it, you're all done - thank you so much!

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